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D. Smith, Project Manager, WK Lang Construction, Inc.


You probably don't remember me, but I bought one of the first CD06 units. I've used it all season and am very satisfied. We are somewhat isolated here in Tucson, but that doesn't mean the racing isn't very competitive. Almost everyone in my class has Phenoms, Icons, and SBR motors & cut tires. They all saw the Chaindraggone, but Brian Smith at SBR told them it didn't work, so they didn't get one. All year long they say, "Dude, what's gettin you off the corner so hard?" I really didn't understand why until I read the posts by Joey Davis.

Our season is over and I'm getting my stuff ready for some holiday races. In several of your posts in that same thread, you mention changes made this year. Has anything really changed that I need to update? I don't have a problem with the integrity of the piece. I just wanted to know if anything was different, other than structural. Thanks again for the product & the support.

Dennis Smith
Project Manager
W. J. Lang Construction, Inc

Jim Bristow / Team73

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott for all his help this year. We purchased a Draggone from him and not only are we pleased with the product but his support at the races as well. The one thing that impressed me the most was that he took the time to not only adjust and explain his product, he talked to my son Cody and explained things in a way that a 12yr. old could understand. (let alone a 40yr. old). He stopped throughout the weekend and at the next nationals as well. Always remember our names and always taking the time to talk to my son. Awesome product and rep.

Jim Bristow / Team73

Bryan R. Nevins Sr., Nevins Motorsports

I don't know how a father could be any prouder of his son than I am after the last couple of weeks. The Ace raced a total of 13 classes, more than 530 laps in two week-ends on his L&J POWERED, Chain DragGONE equipped, ULTRAMAX INFERNO and had 7 wins, 2 2nds and 3 3rds. What a great 2 weeks of racing! Larry Mac and his crew are to be commended on a great race track and a great racing event. The track was the best indoor track I have ever seen and the racing was first class. Thank you Larry and staff for all the hard work.

Another race team that had a great week-end were the Kinman's. Tyler ended up with 3 wins and even the old dude won one. Congrats guys you were awesome this past week-end.

Would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Jones with L&J Karting for the great horsepower and all the support and advice. Jim has truly helped Nevins Motorsports get to were they are today. Also thanks to Scotty at Chain DragGONE for a great product and for all his support and help. 370 plus laps raced indoors on a bullring and not 1 driveline problem. The Chain DragGONE is the most under rated product out there today. Nevins Motorsports will continue to endorse and use the DragGONE because it does EXACTLY what Scotty says it will. Our last 24 race on our L@J Powered, Chain DragGONE Equipped, Ultramax INFERNO have resulted in 20 top 5's and 8 wins. Yes we believe in the Chain DragGONE. And a big THANKS to ULTRAMAX RACING CHASSIS for a great chassis and for all their help and support.

Had a unbelievably wonderful last couple of weeks. Saw some old friends and made some new ones. Hope to see you all at TULSA. Til then TURN LEFT and HAVE FUN!

Bryan R. Nevins Sr.
Nevins Motorsports
Home of "THE IOWA ACE"
Chain DragGONE

Steve Windle

I won't run my 2 cycle motors without one. The chains last longer and don't jump off the rear sprocket. I use a 9 tooth driver which really puts a strain on the chain. For me, I like the chaindragone, come to think of it I now have 2 or 3 of them.

Steve Windle

Racing At Newton!

The mechanics race is on and the excitement is building. ChainDragGONE is looking forward to seeing new and old friends

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